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Project Overview
Final Report for the Canadian Culture On-line Program (April 2004)


The goal of CNICE is to ensure that Canadian cultural content on-line and the tools available to participate in creating this content are accessible to everyone in Canada, including people with disabilities.

Project Overview

CNICE explored cultural accessibility through five project themes:
  1. Inclusive access to rich and interactive media on-line
  2. Inclusive collaboration on-line
  3. Alternative displays for Geo-spatial information
  4. Access to information about accessible Canadian culture as well as training and mentoring opportunities, and
  5. Accessible assessment

Through multiple collaborative projects within these themes, CNICE has explored how the unique qualities of cultural content can be made available in equivalent alternative modes. CNICE has a multi-modal vision of the Internet that will enable multiple sensory access points to content rather than visual access alone.


Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
The Banff Centre
Canadian Abilities Foundation
Canadian Centre on Disability Studies
Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf
The Canadian Hearing Society
Digital Frog International
Knowledge Media Design Institute
Learning & Skills Television of Alberta Limited
Meaning Equivalence Reusable Learning Objects (MERLO) Project
National Broadcast Reading Service
Ryerson University
University of Calgary


CNICE has opened up a discussion of multi-modality through the Guideline Documents that are in working draft stage. We look forward to public feedback on these drafts.

Also, developed by CNICE are free tools to assist in development of accessible content and models of practice to provide examples of accessible content.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Program

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