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Canadian Network for Inclusive Cultural Exchange

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Canadian Network for Inclusive Cultural Exchange (CNICE)

Creating Accessible Online Cultural Content Discussion Document Series

CNICE Partners
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
Banff New Media Institute
Canadian Abilities Foundation
Canadian Centre on Disability Studies
Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf
Canadian Hearing Society
Canadian Learning Television
Centre for Learning Technology
Centre for Research in Disability Studies
Digital Frog International
National Broadcast Reading Service

Editors and Contributors:
Michael Boyce, Sara Diamond, Deborah Fels, Elle Gadsby, Rob Harvie, Wendy Porch, Lake Porter, Jan Richards, Vera Roberts, Marc Rosen, Nancy Sicchia, Charles Silverman, Jutta Treviranus

This project was made possible through the funding by the New Media Research Networks Fund of the Canadian Heritage Canadian Culture Online Programme.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Program

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