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AGC Events and Venues

This web-based tool allows consumers to look up accessibility information on cultural events and venues across Canada. Individuals are able to add information and are able to search for venues by community. To visit the AGC Events and Venues site, please visit http://enablelink.org/agc/ or select the preceding link.

CNICE television program by CLT

This program outlines the scope of the CNICE project based on presentations made to new media artists and producers at the Interactive Screen Conference hosted by the Banff New Media Institute. The program has been made fully accessible and is an exemplar of accessible audiovisual online content. To view the presentation, plase select this link to the television program.

Connections Gallery

The Connections gallery is an online version of a physical gallery exhibit of works by artists who have disabilities. These exceptional pieces were selected from many submissions from artists across Canada and from around the world. The gallery is accessible and provides a starting point for exploration of modality translation concepts developed in the CNICE project.


Meaning Equivalence Reusable Learning Objects (MERLO) is a pedagogical system that encourage learners to focus on meaning by recognizing and producing multiple representations of equivalent meaning. More examples produced during the CNICE project are available in the companion material. Download a sample MERLO architectural object.

Additional information on the approach is available at: http://merlo.rcat.utoronto.ca/.


The Science Matrix educational software program by Digital Frog International explores concepts around providing accessible multi-media content. The web-based software includes built in accessibility options such as a screen reader and keyboard control. In the process of this work an "iShell Techniques for WCAG 2.0" draft document was produced. Recent changes to the structure of the WCAG 2.0 draft made by the W3C working group will require edits to be made to this document, however, the content remains useful: http://www.cnice.utoronto.ca/deliverables/iShell_techs/iShell_techs.html.

Please select the appropriate version to download: Science Matrix for Windows
  Science Matrix for MacOSX

Science Matrix for MacOS9

Virtual Museum Exhibit: Disability Rights Movement

The virtual museum exhibit developed by the Canadian Centre for Disability Studies traces the disability rights movement from the 1980s onwards. This exhibit was developed using participatory design that gives voice to many interested parties for decisions about content and structure of the exhibit. The exhibit is fully accessible and provides a model of practice for online curation that will be further explored in the InCNet project.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Program

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